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Important note: This product is no longer being developed, or supported. Please see the news section for more details

Legacy Information:

How Do I Get Synching Thunder?

For Windows users (please uninstall older versions of Synching Thunder first!):
- If you have no idea what JAVA is, then download the Synching_Thunder_0_5_6_win_JRE.msi. It's an automated installer and comes with JAVA.
- If you know you have JAVA 1.5 or later, or want to download it seperately ( download just the Synching Thunder Installer Synching_Thunder_0_5_6_win.msi

For Mac users:
Download the machintosh version Unzip it and drag the application into your applications folder.

For Linux users:
- If one of the machines you're trying to synchronize is a windows or mac machine, I would still recommend one of the packages above (because you only need Synching Thunder on one machine).
- If not download the alternative platform zip file And extract all of the files to a directory of your choice. Add these files to your system CLASSPATH variable (adding the directory is not enough, you need to add the individual files). If you have no idea what a system variable is, then extract them to the 'ext' directory of your JAVA installation (typically /usr/java/jre1.5.0/lib/ext on a linux machine). Then you can either double-click on the synchingthunder.jar or launch it from the command shell using 'java net.ivanovic.synchingthunder.SynchingThunderUI -Xmx512M' (without the quotes).

For Crazy Programmer Types:
- If you really want to see my bad coding, then you can download the source

See all files for this release

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