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Important note: This product is no longer being developed, or supported. Please see the news section for more details

Legacy Information:

10 October 2007
Product no longer under development.

14 November 2006, 0.5.6
- Fixed invalid folder type bug, where Synching Thunder would try to synchronize non-mail folders.

23 October 2006, 0.5.5
- Fixed (hopefully) two bugs: the one with <!--nosyncmeever--> in it, and also the exception that some people were getting while synching as well :)

28 April 2006, 0.5
- Increased allocated memory, I hope that alleviates some memory bugs until a real fix is found
- Included German (Deutsch) translation.

06 September 2005, 0.4.2
- Fixed some a bug that would cause some messages to be duplicated on synchronization
- Fixed a bug where if you deleted a folder that was part of a favourite an error would occur.

31 August 2005, 0.4
- Added support for messages without unique id's (some drafts, some mail imported from external programs)
- Sped up synchronization
- Finally created a windows installer...makes things so much easier!
- Fixed out of memory errors
- Added more robust error handling (program should now report all problems that occur)
- Added preliminary support for remembering selected folders - when a new favourite is added any folders that are currently selected will be remembered. Cannot be updated without creating a new favourite.
- upgraded to mstor v0.9.7

20 August 2005, 0.3.5
- Added code to remember the last state of the UI (size and location on screen)
- Added backup tool
- Merged all files into one single jar. No need for any more extracting, just double-click!

02 July 2005, 0.3
- Added favourites menu to remember previously synchronized folders.
- Added look and feel customisation.
- Added options for dealing with deleted files (still one left to implement).
- Fixed minor bugs, including ones to do with not waiting long enough on synchronizations.

24 May 2005, 0.2
- Improved memory management when synching large folders. Folders of any size should now be able to be synched (I have tested with 1000+ messages).
- Implemented a summary screen at the end of a sync to let you know what actions were performed.
- Selecting a folder now also selects all of it's sub folders, for convenience.

22 May 2005, 0.1.5
- Improved memory management when trying to sync lots of folders at once, should no longer be a problem.
- Implemented basic two way synchronization (currently the equivalent of synching one way, then the other way).

19 May 2005, 0.1
- Can now sync any folders in your mailbox. (including sub folders at any depth)
- If the folder you are trying to sync does not exist on the target, it will automatically created.
- Improved performance of the source mailbox and target mailbox tree views.
- Updated mstor version to 0.9.4
- Still have minor memory issues, try not to sync to many folders at once until a later version

13 May 2005, 0.0.6
- WARNING I'm not normally one for drama, but as this is the first release ever of Synching Thunder, I suggest that you use it with extreme caution. While I have been happily using it at home for a short while I haven't had a chance to test it anywhere else. Please backup your data first!
- Copies messages that do not exist in one folder, to another, but currently only for the top level of folders (eg: Inbox, Sent).
- Does not synchronize draft messages (or any other messages that do not have unique id's)
- Does not update messages where a newer message exists on one machine

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