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Important note: This product is no longer being developed, or supported. Please see the news section for more details

Legacy Information:

Known issues
- The program uses a fairly large chunk of memory, this shouldn't cause issues, but is a bit annoying.

Frequently Asked Questions
- Q:How do I help you out so that I can get what I want faster?
- A: Well you could post suggestions in the forum, or you could even donate to the project ;-p

- Q: How many people are currently using this product, and is it stable?
- A: I use it personally, and know of plenty of other people that use it as well, some successfully others not so successfully. I also have one person helping me test it (cheers Lew). As for it's stability, well so far it's proved to be pretty stable, and since it doesn't do any deleting, there should be miniscule risk of actually losing your mail :-)
(It's still good practice to back up your email every now and again to be safe anyway - version 0.3.5+ let's you do this easily)

- Q: Can this product be used to synchronize mail from any other email programs?
- A: As of version 0.3 only Thunderbird is supported. If you have a different product that uses the mbox storage format, then version 0.2 may work for you.

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