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Important note: This product is no longer being developed, or supported. Please see the news section for more details

Legacy Information:


It probably won't surprise you to find out that Synching Thunder relies on many other people's work. I'd like to briefly acknowledge some of those people/products here:
- MSTOR developer Ben, whose java mail architecture Synching Thunder is built.
- Lewis Birns, the first user of my product, and the best one to date. Always ready to test and help out, even if he sometimes gets versions that don't work!
- Matthias and Markus for translating Synching Thunder into German.
- The Foxtrot API.
- Capyhon for giving me a generous discount on their Advanced Installer product, making it easy for me to create very nice windows installer packages for Synching Thunder.
- SourceForge for providing a free storage space and architecture to work on this project - and all for free, thanks guys!
- And of course anyone who has taken the time to thank me, make a feature suggestion or report a bug. Your help is always appreciated.


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